A collection of little games, tools, and experiments that I created myself, or helped out with. Source code for most these is available on GitHub.


A Js13kGames entry. 3DC5S or 'Three Dimensional Cascading Style Sheets Space Station Simulator' is a game where the only objective is to build a cool looking space station, by unlocking modules, managing resources, and sticking blocks together.

js1024 Stacking Game

A 1024 byte box-stacking game. Click, tap, or press any key (except spacebar, that messes with scrolling) to freeze blocks in place and try to stack as many as you can! Made for JS1024.


Created for an AI module at university, Canvasnake has machine-learning-based computer-controlled snakes, and local (same keyboard) multiplayer.


A long time ago, I wanted some fancy headings for my far-too-much-text-in-one-file JavaScript projects…

The Short Dark

A Ludum Dare entry. A top-down demake of The Long Dark for Ludum Dare 50. Scavenge buildings for resources, run from wild animals, eat snacks, and don’t get too cold!